React Native | Facebook Mobile App | Android Native
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React Native | Facebook Mobile App | Android Native

  • React Native | Facebook Mobile App | Android Native
  • React Native | Facebook Mobile App | Android Native
  • React Native | Facebook Mobile App | Android Native
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Date : September 13, 2018
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React Native – Facebook Mobile App.

What if the app development cycle was shorter, took lesser time to deploy, was easier to develop, and had greater performance. With Facebook Mobile app development, this is achievable.

It is because of these reasons that hybrid app development has entered a whole new phase of innovation and thus, is in greater demand. Let’s see how this magic works.

Why choose React Native?

It is the only library that can render UI for iOS as well as Android platform.

More so, the library is open-source making it easier to cater to Windows and other platforms in the future.

There are many factors that work in favor of this library.

• Reusable component – It is made of reusable components that compile to native apps. Since, it is component-based, it is different than the other hybrid development frameworks in terms of its web-style approach.

• Incorporate React Native components to existing apps – Rather than rewriting and recoding apps, it is easier to apply React UI components to apps

• Most favored Javascript frameworks by developers – With React Native, any web developer can become a mobile-app developer. Its development doesn’t require expertise in Java or Swift, knowing basic level Javascript, APIs, and platform-specific patters will suffice. It also has CSS styling, debugging, and easy development to app stores

• Responsive UI – React Native library makes the UI more user-friendly and faster to load as compared to traditional Facebook mobile app platforms.

•Furthermore, compatibility with third-party plugins – No need to rely on Webview for new features. It is easier to link plugin to native module.

React Native is the future and is here  to stay.

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