Sandblasting Supplies Near Me-Best Manufacturer for Sand Blasting
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Sandblasting Supplies Near Me-Best Manufacturer for Sand Blasting

  • Sandblasting Supplies Near Me-Best Manufacturer for Sand Blasting
Price : $100 (Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : March 15, 2019
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : bihai

Sandblasting Supplies Near Me: Crushed from high-quality rock ore, RZG garnet consists of totally natural almandine rock garnet angular grains known for its natural hardness, durability, and abrasive characteristics.

The 4 times of proper crushing during high standard process produces very sharp angular grains, providing more superior cutting speed than other garnet abrasives.

The full computer-controlled process ensures 4 times crushing, 6 times washing, 3 times magnetic separation, and 4 times screen, ensuring the highest standard of quality and meeting most stringent industrial and military requirements.

Benefits of using RZG garnet for abrasive blasting

◆RZG garnet grains cut deep into the cavities and pitted areas down to the metal. The blasted surface is free of embedments and free of rogue peaks and troughs. Sa 3 White Metal is effortlessly achieved.

◆The angular grains of RZG garnet provide much higher cutting speed and much lower material consumption than other beach garnets abrasive at same air-pressure, same nozzle size, and grain size with proper controlled abrasive flow rate and etc.

◆Blasting with RZG garnet 30/60mesh, a surface profile up to 85μm is easily achieved along a much greater number of peaks per unit area. This ensures much higher painting adhesion strength and longer painting lifetime. Much coarser RZG garnet 20/40 mesh is available for higher surface profile request.

◆RZG garnet is thoroughly washed for 6 times consuming over 580 cubic meters clean water during wet process, ensuring industry-leading low salt contamination with conductivity below 8 mS/m  and soluble chloride below 4ppm which are all far beyond the industry standard.

Low chloride level and conductivity of RZG garnet abrasive reduce the risk of contamination to the blasted surface and increase the painting lifetime.

◆RZG garnet

  •  It is extremely clean with turbidity of 60-90NTU which is the highest standard in Rock garnet abrasive.
  •  It can be recycled up to 3-8 times depending on the application because of its superior toughness and low friability.

◆RZG garnet is non-toxic.

There is no silicosis hazard (typical less than 0.1% free silica), leachable heavy metals or radioactive contaminants, meeting with all safe environmental and health conditions.

◆RZG garnet is free of metallic iron, making it suitable for all areas of surface preparation including carbon steel, stainless steel, alumina, copper and all other alloys.

RZG garnet is a cost-effective alternative to silica sand, copper slag, nickel slag, staurolite, olivine, crushed glass, glass beads, Brown Fused Alumina, PS ball, steel grit, and steel shot because of its low consumption and high productivity.


◆Coarse 20/40mesh, 30/40mesh

Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting including removal of weathered paint, rust, mill scale, and other coatings from surfaces of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum parts and etc.

◆Medium 30/60mesh

Utilized for new steel, light paint and rust removal and special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles.

◆Fine 60mesh, 80mesh

Applicable for light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile including brush-off blast or high-pressure water blast system all of this is in Sandblasting Supplies Near Me.

◆Extra Fine 120mesh, 150mesh, until 500mesh is available for special application based on customer’s request.

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