What are Bumper Plates
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What are Bumper Plates

  • What are Bumper Plates
Price : $100
Date : October 23, 2018
Location : Jiefang Road

If you want fitness equipment which helps you to achieve new plateaus in fitness, you’ll benefit from learning about bumper plates. You might also notice that bumper plates are taking local gyms by storm, so what’s with the hype all of a sudden?

Perhaps you’ve noticed brightly colored plates hanging out by the deadlifting section of your gym.

These are advanced pieces of fitness equipment that are popular choices with CrossFit fans and Olympic weightlifters. I say they are ‘advanced’ because most gyms are just now making the investment in bumper plates because more of their clients are into CrossFit, which uses the plates extensively.

Bumper plates are basically high density rubber weight plates (ranging from 10 lb to 55 lb or .5 kg to 25 kg) that have a bouncy quality. They have been around for decades, and got their start in the Olympic weightlifting field, but have broken into mainstream gyms in the last five years or so.

Some of the plates are solid rubber while others, like the competition bumper plates, have a metal core, surrounded with a strip of rubber.


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